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Solid Rock:
OK guys, grab a beer or coffee.
Bob Churchill and Charlie Padilla bought the "Fire and Ice" Corvette and ran it for a couple of years. They then bought a body off of Fred Mandoline. That's when I bought the Corvette body from them.
  They sold the car to a local guy who never ran the car. He sold to to Dick Washam from the Quad Cities area. Dick passed away before he got to run the car very much. His son ran it for a year then sold it to John Lawson.
  John repainted it the same as C&P had it. John sold the car to Greg Nickleski and Greg repainted it as you see it. Greg ultimately had 4 bodies and 2 chassis. When he bought the Cavalier from Lawson he also got a 55 Chevy body that John had mounted on the same chassis.
He had previously bought the Thunderbird/Mustang from Lawson that had previously been run by Paul Romine, D. A. Santucci and Bullet Bob Floch.
Greg then also bought a new Firebird body and mixed and matched all the bodies and switched them around on the 2 chassis'.
The car Mike Little has is the original chassis that was under the Mustang with the Cavalier body. I can only assume that Mike repainted it to the original paint job. Mike???
The last I heard the Mustang was made into a wall hanging and one side of it was hanging in a bar in Lemont, IL.

WHEW!!! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Mr. Jean:
Easy for you to say.  Thanks again, great stuff.

I have not seen that picture of the Cavalier. Thanks for posting it.

I did not paint looked like this when I got it (I added a decal or two):

Mike L.

Hey ,SGCamaro  ,with as many funny cars and bodys as you got isn't a proper name change in order???

the only guy got more bodys is Rosetty...Army don't count 'cause he keeps making more every day!!!

Solid Rock:
I need to make a clarification to my previous post. The Thunderbird/Mustang I mentioned in my above post was actually the Mustang that Romine, Santucci and Floch ran. When Lawson got the car he made some modifications to the Mustang body and called it a Thunderbird. It was not the Thunderbird that DA Santucci campaigned.
Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.


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