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Al Swindahl f/c chassis info

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I have gulley's phone number if someone want' it.

Slick Vic:
all the early chassis, say up to the mid/late 80`s had a little metal tag with the chassis builders sema number stamped
into it, most the tags were a 1/2X1/2 inch sqaure piece of metal and contained only the chassis builders sema number.
The chassis builders recieved these tags direct from sema.
Late 1970 early 80`s the tags became a little larger say 1 inch X 2inch,. these also conatined the word sema and the chassis builders number, but now also the chassis builder would number stamp the build date, and also the chassis series number, example,..if this was this particular chassis builders 14 th chassis he has built it would be stamped 0014 or if it was the 7 chassis it would be stamped 0007.
Some people think that the Blue or Red Tag that a nhra or Ihra tech/chassis inspector sticks to the fram rail is the chassis Tag, that is not correct that  shiny tag only signifies that the chassis meets a particular safty spec to be raced faster or slower than a givin ET,
RED TAG 5.99 and quicker,.Blue Tag 6.0 and slower,..Blue tag 7.50 and slower, Blue Tag 8.50 and slower etc, no this tag is not the chassis builders sema tag or number...
Here is the current tag being researched out, reds as follows,....  
Sema 20 0017 01380 so to break it down,..
20 is the chassis builder,..0017 is the 17th chassis built, 01 is Jan, 3 is the day, and 80 is the year it was built,...
I can tell you that sema 20 is Al Swindahl,..I can also say that in 1978 AL had only built about 7 chassis according to the build
date on the Plymouth Arrow of Jim Moores chassis that is in California with a 1978 build date, between 1978 and 1980 sometime Al Had built another 10 chassis in about 2 years,..thus the chassis I am searching out with the numbers above.

Who is Gulley...??



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