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Hellbent Howie:
From Different Eras:


Lutz & Lundberg 66-67 Olds "442 Much" (Olds Power)
Limefire '68
Dick Jesse's '67 "Mr Unswitchable" GTO  (Very Bazzar)  (Pontiac Power)
Pisano Corvair
"Seaton's Super Shaker" '67 Corvair


Kelly Chadwick's '72 Vega (Chevy Power)
Barry Setzer Red Vega
"Trojan Horse" Mustang II
Pisano & Matsubara  '76 Monza
"Black Magic" Vega  
"Chi Town Hustler"


--- Quote from: Hellbent Howie on January 28, 2010, 08:11:08 pm ---Dick Jesse's '67 "Mr Unswitchable" GTO  (Very Bazzar)  (Pontiac Power)

--- End quote ---
The motor is done at our shop. The car is slowly coming along


4:10 and 5:20 in

Eliminator l
any Snake Car
any Joe Pisano car (except the brown job Glen Mikres drove)
Dales Buick Regal (Hmmmm wonder why?)
any Blue Max (except when it was yellow and blue)
Not to be condesending but any nostalgia car,you guys could be doing other things with your money. I love the east coast cars.

Now that i have the time to fill this out, there are just so many cool Funnies that I loved.
I loved them for different reason. One the way they looked, it could be their stance
or it could've been a driver I was really into at the time and wanted to see do well
and that was the car they were driving at the time.

(Chris, the Barbarian Arrow? Ugh!) LOL!

OK, after the first two, these are in no particular order:

Don Prudhomme's '77 ARMY Arrow
Dale Pulde's '77 War Eagle Trans Am

'72 Bob Banning's Dodge Challenger
'73 Chi-Town Hustler Charger
'75 Pizza Haven Satellite
'76 Pisano & Matsubara Monza
'76 Tom McEwen's NAVY Duster
'76 Tommy Ivo's Rod Shop Dart
'77 Bubble Up Pacemaker Trans Am
'77 Ed McCulloch's majenta/black & white rrrRevellution Sport
'77 Tom McEwen's Yellow English Leather Corvette
'77 Blue Max Mustang II
'77 Billy Meyer SMI Camaro
'77 California Charger Trans Am
'78 Condit Bros. Arrow
'78 Tommy Ivo's Arrow
'79 Custom Body Arrow
'79 Wendy's Brute Force Corvette
'79 Tom Hoover's Showtime Corvette
'82 DP's Pepsi Challenger Trans Am
'82 Al Segrini's Super Brut Omni
'86 Black Magic Thunderbird
'87 Mathes & Burkett ta/fc Daytona
'88 Future Force Beretta
'88 Tony McUllum's Daytona
'89 Philadelphia Flyer Thunderbird
'96 Whit Bazemore's Smokin' Joes Mustang

27 Funnies. Those would be my favorite.
Who to root for in a race of all these cars, that's the thing!



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