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Brake stuff for sale
« on: August 29, 2010, 12:01:42 pm »
For some one building a car this is your lucky day!
I have Strange Engineering front brakes and Mark Williams rear floater brake parts for sale
Both of these, steel brake, was new when the car was built in late “05” they have a total of 54 passes on them, a pass means to me every time it approached the starting line, this includes all passes even if it was just a burnout all the way to a full run.

Front consists of:
Rotors, calipers, sliding brackets mounts and pads
These were bolted to SPE spindles and Weld rims
 Part # B4595WC cost new $549
You can see them here

Mark Williams floater brake parts off of their 91000 rear end consisting of
Rear hubs 5 on 5 ½ #55030 new $408 ea (2)
Hub bearings #55010 new $52.50 ea (4)
Steel brake rotors #55020 new $165 ea (2)
And all the pads I have for this setup some new on complete set from S&W with 2 passes on them
Mark Williams stuff here:

Everything thing is in excellent condition
If bought new it would cost over $1900
I will take $900 for this or best offer
My best offer so far has been $700
John Hart
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Brake stuff for sale
« on: August 29, 2010, 12:01:42 pm »
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